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Registered Trademarks

Registered trademarks for Bell products


Bell MikroChips®

Over the past 8 years Bell has developed a novel highly concentrated encapsulation system.

Bell MikroFilm®

Additionally Bell has extended this technology into a Thin Film format (to give increase release at room temperature). Film thickness is typically less than 2mm. This is called Bell MikroFilm® – BMF.


Research, development and production of Heliovisor® was started already in 1930 with the company Schimmel & Co., and therefore Bell has benefited from many years of experience.

Bell offers a broad range of chemical and physical UV filters. The exposure of humans to the sun has increas ed steadily due to sports and outside activities.

UV-protection is needed to enjoy the sun with no harmand damage to the skin. UV radiation is responsible for sun burn, early skin ageing and several medical conditions.

UV light ranges from 250nm to 400nm and includes the three segments UV A (320 – 400nm), UV B (290 – 320nm) und UV C (below 290nm). UV A light reaches into the deeper skin layers and causes early skin ageing. UV B light reaches only into the upper skin layers and causes sun burn. The UV C is blocked by the upper layers of the atmosphere and has therefore no meaning to humans.


Fragolan® gives good effects in all floral and fruity notes at 2 to 10%. It adds to fruity notes like e.g. apple a particular naturalness. In floral notes Fragolan® harmonizes the fragrance and adds radiance.


Rootanol® blends excellent with woody materials like vetivert and patchouli at 0.1 to 5% and adds a strong woody-earthy note. In floral notes Rootanol® can create at 0.1 to 2% a sparkling effect which intensifies the fragrance. Due to its minty-freshness on dilution, it is suitable for floral, pine, woody and citrus compounds. In joss sticks Rootanol® generates an interesting booster effect at 2 to 10%. Rootanol® lends a remarkable long lasting impact to surfactants containing products.